Diffusion of electrolyte in shrunken polyacrylamide gel

Takao Ohmori, Takashi Amemiya, Jun Ichi Kawahara, Kunio Kamiya, Tomohiko Yamaguchi, Mltsutaka Kawamura

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The diffusion coefficients of potassium chloride (KCI) in shrunken polyacrylamide gels were measured as a function of volume fraction of polymer in the gel, φ. The gel samples were first produced under a given condition and then shrunk in methanol-water mixtures to change the volume fractions in the gels. The partition coefficients of both KCI and methanol in the gel Here also determined. As a result, the ratio of diffusion coefficient in gel to that in solution, which is an index exhibiting the degree of reduction in the diffusion rate for the shrunken gel, is found to well correlate with φJ(1 -φ).

ジャーナルJournal of Chemical Engineering of Japan
出版物ステータスPublished - 1 1 1998


Ohmori, T., Amemiya, T., Kawahara, J. I., Kamiya, K., Yamaguchi, T., & Kawamura, M. (1998). Diffusion of electrolyte in shrunken polyacrylamide gel. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 31(2), 302-305. https://doi.org/10.1252/jcej.31.302