Carbohydrases in detergents

Piamsook Pongsawasdi, Shuichiro Murakami

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The chapter starts with an introduction on detergents and the detergent industry. The history and development of enzyme usage as an active ingredient in detergents for laundry, dishes and other household products are listed. The importance and the main characteristics of enzymes that are required so as to be suitable for use in detergents are described. The properties and functions of hydrolases (proteases, carbohydrases and lipases) that are beneficial for the detergent industry are overviewed. Then the carbohydrases that have specific functions in detergents are focused upon, especially a-amylase, cellulase and mannanase. For each enzyme type, the catalytic reaction, sources and production of the enzyme, enzyme specificity, biochemical characteristics, function and development of the enzyme for desired properties through protein engineering, are discussed. The work of our group on a new highly alkaline, thermostable a-amylase that is resistant to certain surfactant and bleaching reagents commomly used as additives to detergents, and so has a good potential in the detergent industry, is presented. The commercial carbohydrases that have been used in detergent industry are reviewed. Finally, this chapter ends with reviewing some of the future prospects on the use of enzymes in detergents.

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