Acoustic bubbles and sonoluminescence #6

Pak Kon Choi

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In a multibubble field, the bubble dynamics is determined by acoustic fieldbubble and bubble-bubble interactions. The latter plays an important role in a field of high acoustic pressure. The first part of this chapter discusses the highspeed observation of bubbles interacting with other bubbles. The theory of bubble-bubble interactions in an acoustic field is briefly described, and highspeed images representing bubble coalescence are presented. The bubble oscillation and bubble size are shown to be affected by surfactant molecules adsorbed at the bubble/liquid interface. The high-speed images indicate spherical bubble oscillation and a smaller size distribution upon adding sodium dodecyl sulfate. Further, the initial size distribution of sonoluminescence (SL)-emitting bubble is described on the basis of the experiment using a pulsed ultrasound. The second part deals with the dependence of bubble dynamics on the acoustic power in association with the variation of SL intensity. The method of acoustic power measurement is described. The intensity of SL (sonochemiluminescence, SCL) takes a maximum value at certain acoustic power at both 84 and 138 kHz. The high-speed shadowgraphy of bubbles revealed a transition from a bubble streamer to a cluster with increasing the power. The bubble cluster was found to be composed of a large nonspherical bubble and tiny bubbles that exhibit transient oscillation. The emergence of the bubble cluster is the main cause of the reduction in the SL (SCL) intensity.

ホスト出版物のタイトルHandbook of Ultrasonics and Sonochemistry
出版社Springer Singapore
出版ステータスPublished - 1 1 2016


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