Supersonic helium beam for measurement of electric field in torus plasma edges

T. Katsuta, K. Takiyama, T. Oda, K. Mizuno, T. Ogawa

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Numerical investigations on the basis of a collisional-radiative model have been made on the measurement of the electric field in torus plasma edges using a supersonic helium beam with aid of laser excitation. In this simulation, the laser-induced fluorescence intensity of the He I 492.2 nm line associated with the forbidden excitation due to the Stark effect is estimated as a function of electric field strength. The results show that an electric field as low as 50 V cm-1 can be measured by the supersonic beam with sufficient beam density (about 1012 cm-3). A numerical discussion is also given on the measurement of the electron temperature and density.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)769-772
Number of pages4
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1997

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