Sim-To-Real Transfer for Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Alignment Policy between AUVs

Yang Weng, Takumi Matsuda, Yuki Sekimori, Joni Pajarinen, Jan Peters, Toshihiro Maki

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The underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) technology provides a potential high data rate solution for information sharing between multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). In order to deploy the UWOC system on mobile platforms, we propose to solve the optical beam alignment problem by maintaining the relative position and orientation of two AUVs. A reinforcement learning based alignment policy is transferred to the real world since it outperforms other baseline approaches and shows good performance in the simulation environment. We randomize the simulator and introduce the disturbances, aiming to cover the real distribution of the underwater environment. Soft actor-critic (SAC) algorithm, reward shaping based curriculum learning, and specifications of the vehicles are utilized to achieve the successful transfer. In the Hiratsuka sea experiments, the alignment policy was deployed on the AUV Tri-TON and successfully aligned with autonomous surface vehicle BUTTORI. It demonstrates a solution for combining the UWOC technology and AUVs team in the ocean investigation.

Original languageEnglish
JournalOceans Conference Record (IEEE)
Publication statusPublished - 2022
EventOCEANS 2022 - Chennai - Chennai, India
Duration: 21 Feb 202224 Feb 2022


  • Auv
  • Re-inforcement learning
  • Sim-To-real transfer
  • Underwater wireless optical communication


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