Compensation for frequency response of proximity sensors by using pneumatic coupling condenser circuit.

O. Oyama, M. Harada

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


To improve the frequency response of annular jet proximity sensors, a pneumatic compensating circuit was developed by using a pneumatic coupling condenser circuit. The frequency response of annular jet proximity sensors was examined by quasi-sinusoidal vibration of a flapper by using electro-magnetic input. The responses for three types of sensors have similar outputs to the static response up to the freuquency range. 1 to 10 Hz. The pneumatic compensating circuit is composed of a pneumatic coupling condenser circuit and a pressure adder which is made by three restrictors. The pneumatic coupling condenser circuit acts as a differentiating element. The frequency response of the poximity sensors was improved certainly, and it was improved up to 40 Hz by the combination of optimal compensating circuit and the sensor. (English abstract)

Original languageEnglish
Journal[No source information available]
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1981


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